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Nametags™ Educational Program

Nametags™ – an assembly program that empowers students to live more productive and motivated lives.  

No matter who we are, we face challenges and adversity. The program centers around the message “It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you.”

Our stories of resilience and personal achievements transcend what others believe they can accomplish given the presenter’s disability. The Nametags Educational Program pushes students to challenge the assumptions and limitations that result from labels or Nametags, we give ourselves and others.

Created by Chris Waddell and resilience educator Donna M. Volpitta, Ed.D, Nametags does not focus on disability, but rather the universal experience of challenge and the power of resilience.

The Program

The Nametags Education Program is a forty-minute (forty-five minutes to an hour with questions) assembly designed for students third grade and above. In this compelling interactive program students learn that they have the power to make choices about how they are perceived, and the Nametags they wear. In the face of adversity, they can choose resilience. Ultimately, it’s the student’s collective responsibility to create a community that allows individuals to live productive and motivated lives in the face of adversity.

Program Goals

  • Give students tools boosting resilience – The 4 S’s of Resilience:
  • Self: Who we are, what we stand for
  • Situation: Our interpretation of the challenge itself
  • Support: Our ability to draw upon the help of others
  • Strategies: The action we take
  • Empower students to build communities that encourage acceptance  when risks/opportunities are taken
  • Encourage students to incorporate the above tools in their everyday lives, in the hope of leading a more productive, motivated and mindful life


Donna Volpitta, Ed.D, Resilience Educator, Author, Speaker

  • Founder, The Center for Resilient Leadership
  • Author, The Resilience Formula
  • Expert Contributor to
  • Certified Classroom Teacher

Chris Waddell, Paralympian, Author, Speaker

  • 13x Paralympic Medalist in Summer and Winter Games
  • First paraplegic to summit Mt Kilimanjaro, nearly unassisted
  • Doctor of Humane Letters, Middlebury College
  • “Best Commencement Speech, Ever” National Public Radio
  • Author, Things I Want to Remember Not to Forget
  • “50 Most Beautiful People,” People Magazine

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