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It’s 5:45am and still dark. I haven’t ridden since last Wednesday as we’ve done presentations in Santa Rosa, Napa, San Francisco and even Park City (a one-night flight near home but not to my house). We sampled many wines and seen lots of friends. I even had to contemplate giving the Nametags presentation in French at the French International School. Luckily for all parties involved, I chose not to. Yesterday I gave our final presentation at what had been Levi Strauss headquarters for years and is now the Friends School.

Our tour has been a solitary one for the most part. I ride and Robert drives. We’ve moved from location to location mapping our route and choosing a hotel. Last night we joined the Challenged Athletes Foundation, an amazing foundation that gives disabled athletes possibilities in sport, for the final leg from San Francisco to San Diego. Our solitary trip will get far bigger. There will be at least 100 riders and a few more handcyclists.

The fog wrapped around the crown of the Golden Gate Bridge last night. It stood as an ornament from our hotel in Sausalito and a reminder of how much things will change this morning. We will start with a climb up to the Golden Gate and then proceed 87 miles down the coast to San Jose (I think). Well time to get suited up and time to see just how much fitness I’ve lost sampling wine, watching Kid Rock (more on the Napa portion later) and enjoying the time with friends. Now it’s back on the road. I’m happy that One Rev board chair Bob More will join me as well.

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