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I am truly humbled, grateful words from Amanda Stoddard

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Amanda Stoddard is the producer of the award-winning documentary, 1 Revolution, which follows Chris Waddell on his amazing journey up Africa’s tallest mountain.  This film illustrates the heart, strength, spirit, and courage behind an amazing accomplishment, as it documents the first, and nearly completely unassisted, paraplegic ascent of 19,340-foot Mt. Kilimanjaro.

1 Revolution was recently chosen for the 6th International Disability Film Festival, Breaking Down Barriers, which Amanda will be attending for the screening, and is set to take place in Moscow this weekend November 9 through the 12th. The festival has two main goals in mind, the first is to increase awareness about the barriers experienced by disabled people throughout their everyday lives, and the second is to expose the vast potential of individuals who acquire access to equal rights. The festival makes every effort possible to give confidence and empower people with disabilities in Russia. Here is what Amanda had to say:

“When I met Chris Waddell in 2007, I had no idea this man would present me with the biggest challenge of my life, or that I would so willing to take on that challenge. It all started very simply, an idea born over a meal with friends, and a total willingness on both my part and Chris’s to see it through to the end.  At that particular moment in my life, I was interested in athletic drive, and fortuitously with Chris, I received a fantastic opportunity to research and study arguably one of the world’s greatest athletes on an extremely intimate level. I never set out to make a film about disability, but I did want to know what drives people to create, execute, and accomplish big goals.

What I found is that it is harder than you ever could imagine, sometimes disappointing, so difficult, and you want to quit every day. But if you take on a big goal, (for Chris it was climbing a mountain with his hands and for me it was having the audacity to think I could make a movie about it), when you finish it, even if you make a thousand mistakes, even if you feel like you were failing the whole time, even if they call you names, if you finish, no one can ever take that away from you. Of course in the midst of this process you feel very alone and it isn’t until it’s finished, and you have created something that has meaning to others, that you feel you’ve done something worthwhile.

I am so grateful on so many levels that people find meaning, or at least a little enjoyment, when they watch 1 Revolution. There were so many times I thought I might be the only person who ever thought any of it might be of interest. This project changed my life, and when festivals, like Perspektiva, focus on awareness and change, choose to take the time to exhibit the film, to talk about it, to promote it, and most importantly give it a framework to reach people, I am truly humbled.”

1 Revolution is inspired by anyone who has ever faced challenges in their life, and overcame them through the power of lasting resilience. It’s about finding ways to live your life to the fullest, no matter what circumstances you are given, and showing the world that you can and WILL create valuable contributions to society no matter what obstacles you face. As Chris Waddell has been commonly quoted, “It’s not what happens to you.  It’s what you do with what happens to you.”

Because the 1 Revolution documentary was produced through One Revolution Foundation, your donations are very much appreciated as well as tax deductible. DVDs are available for purchase, easy downloads are available through iTunes, and private screenings of the film are also possible! Contact us at: (801) 510-9684 or Here is a quick preview of the film.

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