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Nametags™ and One Revolution Goes International!

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October was a busy month for Chris Waddell. The One Revolution Nametags™  presentation reached an audience of more than 4,600 individuals in four states, then an additional four schools in Russia! The foundation’s educational program suggests: It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you.

Chris Waddell, One Revolution Founder, made his first stop on the fall tour in El Paso, TX, where he visited four elementary schools. Next stop was Oklahoma City where he visited two schools, a rowing club with more than 300 kids, and a wheelchair support group for a dozen adults.

From there, Chris traveled to Dobert-Sherborn, MA. Chris presented to three groups of middle-school to high school students there, and a screening of the award-winning 1 Revolution documentary took place that same evening. To wrap-up the state-side fall tour, three more presentations took place at schools in Barrington, RI.

Although the schedule is demanding, Chris’s passion for spreading the mission of One Revolution is tireless! His achievements transcend what others believe he can achieve given his disability. The Nametags™ programs push people to challenge the assumptions and limitations that result from the labels that we give to ourselves and others. No matter who we are, we will face struggles and adversity, and the presentation speaks to everyone.

After a very short break, Nametags™  went international in November! Chris Waddell traveled to Russia where he presented Nametags™  to four American schools. One Revolution was also selected to participate in the Disability Film Festival which took place in Russia earlier this month. A screening of the foundation’s award-winning documentary, 1 Revolution, was very well received.

What’s next? One Revolution is now scheduling a January Nametags™ tour in Arizona, and February in Utah. If you would like to start the new year off with a presentation for a school or youth group near you, call 801-510-9684 or email:

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  1. Jules Terry    

    Hi Chris, congrats on all of your great work!!!!
    I would love for you to come to Grand Haven, Mi., and speak at the High School I coach at!
    Ski ya in PC,
    Jules 😉

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