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Paralympian Chris Waddell Of One Revolution Announces Plans For A West Coast Rolling Tour In 2013

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Plans were recently announced for a 2013 West Coast cycling tour by Paralympic hall of famer Chris Waddell, founder of One Revolution. The philanthropic cycling team expects to cover more than 1,400-miles from Seattle to San Diego this fall. Making educational presentations at schools along the route to promote a message of resilience, the tour will connect the common experience of challenge from community to community. Plans will also incorporate stops at VA Hospitals and adaptive sports recreational facilities.

The tour will highlight physical fitness and serves as a platform to rollout social and educational programs that advance One Revolution’s charitable mission. Crossing through cities and towns, country roads and byways, the One Revolution teams of disabled and able bodied participants will demonstrate that: “It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you”. Chris Waddell will share this message along the route with an estimated 5,000 school children through One Revolution’s Nametags™ educational program. The Nametags™ presentations push people to challenge the assumptions and limitations that result from the labels that we give to ourselves and others. In this compelling interactive program designed in conjunction with resilience educator Donna Volpitta, Ed.D, students learn that they have the power to make choices about how they are perceived and in the face of adversity, they can choose resilience. Reservations for a limited number of presentations are now being confirmed.

Community outreach and engagement are important elements that will determine the pace of the first segment of the tour scheduled to begin early September, 2013, in Seattle, WA. “Since this is a tour, not a competition, plenty of time will be allocated for community involvement and interaction at the beginning and the end of the ride,” said Waddell. The tour will join with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) Dodge Million Dollar Challenge (MDC), in San Francisco on October 11. The MDC portion of the tour is an unforgettable seven-day, 620-mile bicycle ride down the breathtaking California coastline – from San Francisco to San Diego – all to benefit the Challenged Athletes Foundation. One Revolution is proud to incorporate CAF in its efforts to raise awareness and funds to support both organizations with this event. Additional Nametags™ presentations will take place in Southern California upon completion of the ride.

In 2009, Waddell successfully summited Mt Kilimanjaro in a hand-cycle. One Revolution hopes to build upon the momentum from the climb with another major sporting challenge— this time a 1,400-mile hand-cycle ride along the West Coast. Like Waddell’s Kilimanjaro climb, which was captured in the award-winning film 1 Revolution, the journey will form the basis of a documentary. Future plans for One Revolution include a coast-to-coast rolling tour in 2014.

One Revolution is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization headquartered in Park City, UT. Support comes primarily from individual and corporate donations and sponsorships. One Revolution’s mission is to change the way that the world sees people with disabilities by highlighting our universal struggle. More information is available at:

For more information or to schedule a presentation on the west coast, call 435-655-2655.

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