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Summit Update – 9/29/09

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Nothing yet except for a text from Bob More at 2am:

“We are all simply trying to help Chris slog up a steep scree/sand straightaway to Gilman’s Point. Lowly sleeping in crater tonight and push for the summit in am. Spirits as good as can be expected.”

“Today is a beast. Likely summit tomorrow. Sleep in crater tonight. Then Nate and I have to do the 30-mile hike out in one day to get the plane. Turning phone off for batteries. I have already been on top, scouting stuff.”

It looks like the summit will happen tomorrow. I will keep you updated on everything we find out. Stay tuned….

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  1. Cindy Iriondo    

    Chris, you were the guest of honor at a fundraiser for my son, Justin, back in the late 90’s. You were an inspiration to us then, and continue to be one today. Best of luck. We’re routing for you. Cindy

  2. Dave Lujan    

    Chris, I am Bob’s cousin, Tomorrow I am flying an American flag on a combat mission in Iraq in your honor, it will be dated the same day you summit! Good luck, wish you all the best.


    Bob, Hope you are doing well, it looks like you are though!

  3. Tom McCurdy    

    Good luck on the final ascent. It’s been great to keep up with your endeavor and spread the word to others interested to follow your trip. I’m going to call Darol Kubjac and remind him to congratulate you on becoming the first para to make it to the SUMMIT of Kilimanjaro.

    Congrats in advance

    Tom McCurdy

  4. Debbie Auger    

    Your friends in New Hampshire and at AbilityPLUS are cheering you on! You are truly an inspiration to us all! We’re with you in heart & spirit.

    Happy Birthday & Congratulations!

    “The strength of the heart comes from the soundness of the faith.”
    – Saudi Arabian Proverb

    ~Debbie Auger

  5. Michael Wilner    

    Dear Chris,

    All of your Eaglebrook School brothers are perched on the edge of our seats as we await news that you made it to the top. Everyone sends their best wishes and hopes. One revolution at the time….damn what a long way to the peak, but what a journey!

    All best,

  6. Ginger More    

    Not sure my heart can stand the suspense!!! Really excited for you. Hang tough! You are going to make it. Sending all my mental energy and prayers to give you just a little help! Ginger

  7. Brenda    


    Just checking in to send you some Good Luck and strength for the final part of the climb!!!! Sounds tough– hang in there I know you can make it to the top!!!!


  8. Dave Murdoch    

    we met in the hotel in Arusha, Tanzania prior to you and the team leaving for your summit bid, where you gave us all a One-Revolution wrist band, and I’m still wearing it. Having already summited myself the day before, I and the rest of our UK team were truly inspired by your bid. I/we have been keeping close track on your blog, and re-living each of the days and I am with you in thought everyday. You are an inspiration to so many! Dave (Medic) Murdoch.

  9. Gustavo Tode    

    My wife and I are closely following your climb; you are an inspiration to everyone. I’m still wearing the orange One-Revolution wrist band you gave me at our Eaglebrook class reunion back in June (and proudly explaining what it is and means to everyone that asks). With one revolution at a time you will make it to the summit tomorrow!

  10. B.    

    The suspense is killing me, the photos are stunning & painful to look at. Must be damn cold camping up top. A big virtual hug to you. Still wearing the wristband too, and telling everyone at work about this.

  11. Art Zaske    

    Chris: As you face the final climb, the two minute drill of the game, the bottom of the ninth, the last 400 meters of the marathon, you carry with you the hopes and dreams of all of us…the over-the-hill gang of athletes…we with our bad knees, collapsed discs, twisted fingers…nothing like the injury you bear. Still we are with you down to our last wheezing breath. Please know that we know you will give that proverbial 150%…you have already won in our hearts…good luck in the summit attempt.

    Art (husband of your mother’s “favorite” cousin)

  12. Melissa    

    WOW! Chris, the photographs are incredible and left me speechless! You are such an inspiration….I already see you on the summit! :)

  13. Jody Curtis    

    Chris, I am so proud of you and am so inspired by you. Thank you, thank you. Enjoy the summit tomorrow — what an incredible journey in every sense of the word.

    xo Jody and Mike

  14. Marjie Brown    

    I can’t imagine the pain. I’m certain. Spirit speed to you.
    Why isn’t there isn’t more coverage here in Salt Lake City? This should be the lead story for every media outlet. Your efforts can inform everyone’s real and perceived hardships. But you already know that;) Go bro go.Love to Dave P The BikeMaster

  15. Tom Peek    

    Chris, Maybe big snow here in Park City tonight and tomorrow! We are all rooting for you here and it sounds like Everywhere!!!! You make us proud! Tom, Lori and all the Park City Peeks

  16. Duffy    

    COME ON BOYS! You’re as good as there. PROVE it and come home safely! We’ll climb the Capitol when you get back.

    I’m so proud of the entire expedition team, sponsors, craftsman/women, believers, and most of all Chris! You all have proved that with dedication, belief, and genuine human effort, everything is possible.


  17. stu maeder    

    best of luck brutha!! glad to know that bob is with you. what an incredible accomplishment!! all our best thoughts are with you…….the maeders

  18. Beth O.    

    Look at all the support you have! Feel the positive vibes that people are sending you. Good luck tomorrow. Love, Aunt Beth

  19. Marge Sherman    

    Can’t wait to go to sleep tonight so I can get up tomorrow and check how you’re doing. Incredible!!! When I think of what you are doing, the obstacles you face, the terrain, the blood, sweat and tears, I can only hope and pray that you stay strong and determined. You are truly an inspiration. The best to you on the remainder of your climb.

  20. catarina    

    Blessings to you Chris.
    The Summit shall be yours tomorrow, I am certain.
    “Omakyiyo” when you need it most.

  21. Charmane    

    Thinking about you every milimeter of the way. You have come so very far and you are an inspiration to us all. You WILL make it. We all know that and we are all cheering you on from way below. God speed. Charmane

  22. kate Geagan    

    Chris-we are with you, every step of the way-in this final push may you be buoyed by all the tremendous energy that you have created in the lives of so many around the world. We are watching, waiting and praying for you.
    Kate and Pete

  23. Raymond girls and Steve    

    Way to go Chris! We are thrilled to share your experience vicariously! What a climb and an adventure. Can’t wait to read the final blog!

  24. charity    


    All of us in Texas are thinking of you every brutal minute of the way. We send all the best to the best. Your inspiration and determination have made all of us realize how fortunate we are.
    Waiting to see your smiling face at the top! God speed for a safe trip down as well.


  25. Annie Kelly    

    I just read your story. I think you are an amazing person and a huge inspiration to all of us to reach for our dreams.

    My prayers are with you,

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