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The Movement, an inspirational film starring Chris Waddell!

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The Movement is an Official Selection of the Sundance Film Festival. The Movement, narrated by Robert Redford and Warren Miller, tells the story of five individuals from all walks of life (including Chris Waddell of One Revolution) who faced incredible obstacles, found the inspiration to overcome them and became real everyday heroes. Through skiing, each has ultimately discovered or rediscovered the freedom of movement.

Check TV Guide for the time in your area on Sunday evening, December 16, 2012.

In 2004 Rick Finkelstein was paralyzed in a ski accident on Aspen Mountain. With a severed
spine and internal trauma, he wasn’t expected to live. Six years, nine surgeries, and a lifetime of
rehab later, cameras captured his dramatic return to Aspen. Even with the latest gear, expert
coaching, and mentorship from the sport’s pioneers, Rick faced a daunting challenge with many
risks and no guarantees.

Rick’s friend, witness to the crash: “It wasn’t until later that I completely broke down. You

realize that it’s just so fragile.”

Robert Redford, narrator: “Our movement started with the word never. ‘You’ll never walk again

… You’ll never see … You’ll never live to the age of five.’ Never? Our heroes refused to accept

that word.”

Rick’s story intertwines with those of four mentors who overcame their own disabilities and

found freedom through skiing, including Chris Waddell. Waddell, 13-time Paralympic medalist, is one of the most decorated and influential skiers on the planet. Like Rick, Chris was paralyzed in a ski accident and had to work his way back into the sport he so loved. Along the way, he transformed the sport of adaptive skiing. He says: “There are times I forget that I’m sitting down. I’m lost in the turn.”

Today, Chris Waddell of One Revolution reminds us that: It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you.

Rick: “It’s been a long time—and the fact that I got hurt on the snow—psychologically I’ve got to

overcome that.”

The Movement is the story of one man joining an uprising. He may not have chosen to be

disabled, but now he must choose whether to face the mountain again. Warren Miller, conarrator:

“This is a movement for—movement itself.”

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