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Peace and Sport

Peace and Sport Collaboration

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One Revolution is proud of our association with Peace and Sport. “Our missions compliment each other, and we are grateful for Peace and Sport’s support of the Who’s Your Hero Tour.” said Jodi Holmgren, One Revolution Executive Director.

Chris Waddell is an official Champion for Peace for Peace and Sport. In this role, Chris is included with other top-level sports champions who are either still active or have retired from their sports career who wish to help disadvantaged communities through sport.

They are role-models, heroes and a source of inspiration for young people throughout the world. The Champions for Peace initiative was created by Peace and Sport to offer them a structure for communal expression and action to support sports projects at the service of peace and human and social development.

They give some of their time, popularity, their sporting experience and skill or resources to help projects for peace-promotion and peace-building through sport. They also participate in raising awareness among decision-makers in politics and the private sector to change attitudes.

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