1REVOLUTION: The story of Chris Waddell’s historic journey to the roof of Africa. 

This film reveals the heart and spirit behind an extraordinary achievement as it documents the first, almost entirely unassisted, arm powered ascent of 19,340-foot Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

Chris Waddell’s life changed drastically when he broke his back ski racing at twenty. A promising ski racer, this divergence in his life path rocketed him to dominance in adaptive ski racing. By the end of his athletic career, he was the most decorated male Paralympic monoskier in history, retiring with 13 medals in summer and winter games and a nod as one of PEOPLE Magazine’s fifty most beautiful people. 

Unsatisfied with retirement, Waddell felt compelled to return to sport and honor the achievements of those who paved the way for his athletic career and give back to those who lives are dampened by seemingly insurmountable challenges. As a part of the journey, an African man named Tajiri, joins Chris on the climb. Tajiri lost his leg in a rockslide on Mt Kilimanjaro in 2006 working as a mountain porter, and since that traumatic event he has struggled to provide for his family. With the help of a new prosthetic leg he joins Waddell’s journey to ascend Kilimanjaro and become the first Tanzania amputee to the summit. 

Just as Waddell’s heroes have influenced him to do the improbable his philanthropy provides the catalyst to change a life in an impoverished and forgotten community. While the eight days on the mountain were grueling physically and mentally, the achievement illustrates Waddell’s vision to demonstrate that what happens to you is not nearly as significant as what you do with what happens to you. 1REVOLUTION hopes to create social change by highlighting differences in ability, daring, and culture.

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